One Saturday in 2010

Normalcy; relaxation; music piped through earphones to drown out my noisy neighbors, awe, the one saturday I have nothing to do but contemplate my navel. Quiet and calm. Reflective. Building bridges between my head and my heart. This is my day. Today on this One Saturday in 2010.

Tired of James Taylor and Eva Cassidy I turn on the television.  I can do anything I want today. This One Saturday in 2010. Woo, lime green walls and painted floors, interesting.

I have determined HGTV/DIY is harmful to my mental health. The watching itself is too stimulating. Not only do I want to build or plant something but by the end of the fifth half hour  show I am totally tuckered out from watching sweaty men lug rocks or designers wipe their brow of sweat. I actually need to take a deep breath because I need to calm down my high level of stimulation(s) and get back to contemplating my navel, which is, after deep consideration, my best choice of action on this One Saturday in 2010.


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