Forgetting Something?

The keys are kept in a basket on my kitchen counter, otherwise they would be lost. I can spend ten minutes looking for my glasses so I have two pairs, one lost somewhere in plain sight and one on top of my head waiting to be found. Shoes? Oh, please let’s not go there. I bought a new pair of sandals last week only to find the others when I returned home. I lose things! But, the thing that I lose most often is my mind. 

I lose my mind with more frequency now than ever before and trust me this is not a new phenomenon. My mind is lost right now, actually. I know I must have put it in a handy place for I just used it a minute ago so it couldn’t be far, but, it appears to be gone, totally gone and taking with it the words and phrases I am searching for. This is a plight brought on by too much thinking, I’m sure of it. 

I am such a deep thinker that I get things like my friends atoms analogy to explain relationships. Nothing is on the surface. It is buried deep within. When I was young an old man gave me James Joyce’s Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man first published in 1916. I read it and understood it. And, I could not understand why no one else was getting it. Of course, Mama picked it up and tossed it out but that’s another story to tell. She scolded the old man, of course, but more because it was a slam on our ‘faith’ than the several pages a twelve year old should not have been reading. But, I digress.

To add insult to injury it isn’t the forgetting so much as the forgetting that I have forgotten that is so problematic. I walk into the other room fully intending to do something but once there the purpose of my ten to fifteen steps is forgotten, totally gone. I retrace my steps to think. The telephone rings. I hang up but forget that I had forgotten until that rare moment when I remember I was forgetting, but what was I forgetting! And it starts again, the process of remembering that I am forgetting something. If I could only remember what in the bloody hell it was that I was forgetting life would return to some sort of normal!


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