old barn oil painting

Hanging on my wall is an oil painting of an old barn. The uneven edges of the warn wood side planks used for walls and slanted red-brick coloured roof beckons my imagination. What would it be like to walk inside? Are the weathered wall boards as loose as they appear to be? I have looked at this painting a thousand times but today I stand at a proper distance to take in the essence the artist intended to communicate. I take my time to see every detail and to imagine the painting is speaking to me, telling me its story.  The trees are clearly elms and the split-rail fence is dark in colour and it’s crooked and worn. It has rained as there are puddles in the dips of the path and it is a North Carolina winter scene as the dry brush is golden in colour and that only happens here in winter. It is a clear day and I imagine that the air is chilly but not too chilly. The painting has depth and interest without being overly busy. It is a very good painting of an old barn not too far from our house on Yank Road. I recognize it but the artist took liberties by not including the vines holding up the original. In the Carolinas we have a lot of these old barns being held up by winding vines which allow them to stand for years without a hint of faling collapsing in upon themselves. To some they look tattered and disgusting but to me they are beautiful and a tribute to the history of something that has worn out its use but refuses to disappear into a pile of rubble. I am glad they dot our landscape. And, I am especially glad this treasured painting is hanging on my wall.


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