A long time ago I made myself a promise: Never again would I let a man get to me the way Bobby did. Well, a lot of time has passed so I forgot to remember that promise. Basically, I forgot I needed to be mean! I forgot to blow him off! We gals know you can’t believe what the guys say (after all, they’re only trying to get into your knickers). Oh, how I should have remembered how your heart shatter and how you can feel as insufficient as humanly possible, and how you can feel it was entirely your fault! For the love of love itself, a woman can do some really stupid things, like to forgive and forget with the simple word “Hello” if the one saying it makes your heart race and your knees buckle. I have been in the mode of being ridiculous over a half-hearted promise and the voice that I adore. But, enough is enough. Today, at this moment, this very moment, it is time to call it what it was and renew that promise to myself: BE MEAN!  


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