We all say we won’t but we do; we all break promises. It isn’t that we want to break a promise but sometimes it becomes necessary to break them. I try not to promise anyone anything, if I can help it. The only exception to this would be keeping my mouth shut over some secret. Those promises I keep. But, the other ones like promising not to dive off the highest cliff into the Colorado River or promising to finish something on time. Those promises I sometimes don’t keep.

Recently I promised to attend my weekly meetings without fail and although I intend to honor that promise I may not always do so. Promising that you will do something for weeks, months, even years is a promise doomed. So I have come up with a new tactful way to promise someone something. I will promise for a day. I will give my promise that I will not jump off the highest cliff for today but not tomorrow or the day after. I will promise to attend all my meetings for this Sunday but not next Sunday or the Sunday afterwards.

I will make sure that those who have asked a promise of me understands that it is only good for one day. But, I will also make sure they know the difference between a promise and keeping my word. If it is a promise to keep my word, as in not to tell a secret, then that is forever. But, I will no longer promise always on other things.

I do feel the draw of a Mohave Valley cliff calling my name and the promise of the Colorado River to freeze my body upon impact while exhilarating my soul. If you’ve never tried it you should.


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