April Fools

April 1st as you know is April Fools Day. I’m sure you know at least one prankster willing to amuse hin/herself at your experience. I sent out a card to everyone I know that I’d won millions and would be on holiday (then the card erupted into a vial tongue extruding character laughing like an evil clown) until further notice. Of course I am not going on holiday but I am going to California in a few weeks to work. Being that it is coastal California I guess you could call it a mini-holiday of sorts, but I digress from my discussion of april fools day.

When we were kids growing up in Mountain View, California Janice Duncan and I would tie prank spiders and spider webs to bedroom door frames and watch as our parents did a jig for our amusement. Of course they knew what to expect and acted accordingly with proper fright to please us. But, one time Janice and I placed two entire rolls of scotch tape across the doorway of her parents bedroom while they were sleeping. We were about twelve so by then we’d learned how to be especially quiet. Mr. Flowers got up first. Mr. Flowers was Janice’s step-father and he was quiet a character. We watched in amazement as he loosened the tape just enough to squeeze out and then replaced it back. He said nothing to us but I’m sure he heard our snickers. Then he yelled out FIRE, FOY FIRE (Janice’s mother’s name was Foy) and stood there and watched Mrs. Foy Flowers’s thin nightgown get covered with tape as she bolted through the doorway. They should have been mad but they weren’t, they just chased us through the entire house before catching us and tickling us until we yelled Uncle at least three times!

Today, all that is left of April Fools Day is lame things, no tape across doorways or hanging dead spiders (or the rubber ones for that matter) … it seems the fun has gone out of the 1st day of April and now I am getting emails telling me that April Fools Day is the only day atheist observe? Really James, don’t you have better things to do today like overthrow the government or something? James is my over the top strictly right-winger and religious nut of a cousin but I love him dearly anyway. He calls me his tree-hugging out of whack liberal of a cousin so I guess we’re even-steven in the insults department.

Still wouldn’t it be nice if everyone did something really cute on this one day of the year to bring a little light hearted laughter back into the framework of this great nation of ours? I think it would be wonderful to get tickled again! Any takers?


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