Being Off-Line Is ?

You would think I’d have missed being free to surf the Internet but the truth is: Not very much, actually! Truth be told: I did not miss it all that much. It was nice to get back online and harvest a crop though (for all you Farmville nuts you will understand this) but having over 200 emails waiting for me was not so much fun. To be totally honest: I deleted without even opening them. I know they were cute and/or informative but I just could not be bothered to set and view. So I took the chicken way out and used the delete button. My friend Fred did this not too long ago and then posted an apology. Perhaps I will do the same but most likely not. I’m sure whoever sent all those ‘forwards’ didn’t really mind my not reading them. I got caught up on Kathy’s house saga and other news that was informative and replied to the ones I needed to reply to and that was that.

Now I’m back writing (on and off-line) and finding the excercise liberating. This is what I love the most in life: To write something really good (or that I think is a good read) and wait to see if it takes wings and takes flight. I plug into an online radio, put on my earphones and begin typing and I don’t stop until I hit the 1000 mark. Editing is something else! Editing, as any writer knows, is simply awful but it is a must do.

A new poem is spewing from within so I’ll be back to this blog in a few days or later depending on the need to inform all those who are not even reading this! Is anyone out there reading this stuff?


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