A Quest for Funds: As in being gainfully employed is rather exhausting. Yesterday I delivered 5 resume’s with cover letters to 4 offices and 1 restaurant I though would be nice to work for. One of the deliveries was to an office close by I could walk to if I needed to do that; one was in response to an ad placed in the newspaper over the weekend and the other three were to the restaurant, again I could walk there if the weather was good for walking, and a dental office and McDonald’s. I think someone should hire me any day now.

I have an interview this afternoon at three with a sewing machine store. Retail sales is involved. At this point I’ll take sweeping the floors at closing time!

I changed this blog to private so if someone goggles my name they can’t read about my “trying for a new life” and about searching for work. The quilting thing is fine. Don’t care if they read that one. And…………….THANK THE LORD, my blog at blogger is set to private! God forbid anyone read that one! OUCH lol

Things are comfortable here with my friend and I am beginning to like him more every day. I think we must have been cloned from the same egg … we do so many things the same. And I think he’s like me politically too. Awesome Bro!!! Totally awesome.