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This blog is about my mentor’s Roxie & Mary Francis as well as others like my aunts Ruth & Louise who heightened my awareness of the art of quilting from my childhood through my adult years. This is the reason the name Grannie’s is spelled in plural instead of the singular Granny’s. I spelled it as such for the women in my life who loved me and taught me life’s lessons while cutting and stitching. Let’s just allow me this creative expression without the usual and proper corrections one might have on the subject. I want to write here about the women in my family who shaped me and to them all: Thank you my dears, thank you so very much.

I also am taking the liberty to share some rather personal observations under my name on a sub-blog. I don’t have a clue what I will write here. It could be anything at all which comes to mind that I want to share, or perhaps ponder for a while and can do this better by typing it out and sending it out over the wire to all you fine folks. Or perhaps I simply wish to express myself a little, or a lot, even to rant about something with utter disregard for ones eyes and ears and for this I will apologize right here and right now … you won’t hear me say I’m sorry again. 

So………..enjoy and respond, if you dare.


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