Awesome Bro

My awesome Bro is out of here for the next week. I’m deciding my fate while he’s wondering about on four wheels bound for his promise land(s). I did not read his itinerary but I got a glance at a stack of printed copy paper he was holding and looked like a playbook for the Rams, or something. I fly by the seat of my pants (so to speak) so I don’t use such timetables or schedules. I do have an idea of what, where and when as I wonder around on four wheels. Just don’t pin me down to an exact time or my head will implode, in which case there would be no need for a schedule as I’d be out of this world in la-la land where, I am sure, no schedules exist.

I’m sure My Awesome Bro to whom I show unwelcome affection (because that is what I do) sees white picket fences and snotty nosed brats every time I say “Love You” to him…although I don’t mean it like he takes it. He’s so stupid! Men are you know, stupid like that. Nope, no Harry and Sally live here! But, wait, didn’t they do the big “M” thing at the end? Scary! My Awesome Bro and I never will do that, neither one of us like white picket fences!

So, I setting here looking at the time and yawning a little and thinking I should either pack my bags or go to bed and then go to work in the morning. I did get the job with the retail store. I sell sewing machines for a man I don’t understand. I will continue to sell until I can be debt free, teeth fixed, on my own, totally!on my own and have a wardrobe to die for! Oh, and a car tossed in there as well. You know, some women just get the shit kicked out of them all the time and others get handed silver and gold. I wish I was the later but I’m afraid I’m the former. Oh well………..


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