Wining the man of my dreams comes at a pretty high risk, actually. I know several people will balk over this but I care too deeply not to act a little silly over this. To actually put myself out there again seems unthinkable to do but then I have to ask myself how old is my romantic heart? It turns out that it isn’t any older than it was at sixteen or twenty-five or thirty-five for that matter. I still want the same things and I can tell you that I still have spring in my step even when my ankles look like inflated balloons! I kind of like the idea that someone loves me. It’s nice. I hang onto the fact that he said it and that he meant it. I’d just like him to say it while he’s standing right in front of me! Over the telephone just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Work is wonderful. I truly like what I’m doing. I sold one sewing machine to a nice man who was trying to please his wife and as soon as she brings it back for the better model he’ll succeed. Men! Don’t they get it? Any men out there reading this may I share with you something: Never, ever buy the sewing machine with only eleven stitches when you can give one with a knee lift! She’ll come in for those classes on how to run the machine, look around and realize you just gave her the bottom of the line. Her heart will sink. She’ll think she’s not worth much to you. She won’t say a word. You’ll just notice she’s different. And the days will not be as great. Men need to pay attention to these things! I mean you don’t have to buy top of the line but never, ever buy bottom of the line for a gift. Never! Trust me on this one guys.


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