Totally a Deer in Headlights

It all began last Tuesday with a slide off the coverlet. Had it not been I would have never broken my foot! And my emotional heart would surely have continued to be placed in check. All emotionally charged ions in equal balance as not to disturb the normal existence my best friend and I were living under, up to that point that is. So, on July 6, 2010 it wasn’t solely my body that fell but my heart as well. No taking it back now and no need too. The man to whom I owe much is more than just a friend, he is my lover and in my life until his last day which he is convinced will not be more than another six to seven years. I doubt this is true for how can one know what lies ahead. As for me I will with all manner of gladness accept his offer to stay forever for this is where my heart has always longed to be.


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