I did it!

Something must have caused this madness but for the life of me I don’t know what that was. I am equally appalled and delighted with myself but I did the unthinkable and it is total madness on my part.

The madness: I joined a gym! Gold’s Gym to be exact. It’s two quick left turns and then a right on Shoreline and I’m there. They open at five (that’s 5:00AM) but I can promist you that I will not show up at that ungodly hour! And I have a schedule of classes that I might go to but don’t bet on that either. I’m not exactly a joiner. I don’t like people all that much, actually, sorry to say. But, I will show up probably around six in the morning and take my bible (Bridal Bootcamp) with me so I can follow the guidelines listed for a trimmer and slimmer me. The exact reason I am doing this has to do with my health and the man I love. Let’s just say he’s a bit non-verbally shallow but his shallowness haunts me or rather goats me into becoming my best self. This is a good thing. He’s open and honest. Besides, I’ve always said I was going to do this. Now I have no excuses as I have paid my seven dollars for the first month and agreed to go. I will, of course, go and be happy I did. Just don’t ask me how I’m liking it because if I have one fault it is that I’ll tell you the truth no matter what and sometimes, as I have painfully found out in the past, that truth is not all that welcome. I’m sure I’ll tell you how awful it is to get out of bed three times a week to go to a gym filled with twenty-somethings and how much I hate stretching with a group of women and men in a yoga class. I’ll complain about it but I’ll do it. I figure in six months I’ll complain less because by then, after sticking to this like a wet tongue on a frosted lamp-post I will have reached my goal and then, folks, I’ll be strutting my stuff, maybe even in a very modest two piece bathing suite (not a bikini though) somewhere on the coast of some exotic island hand in hand with the love of my life.


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