The Gym

New Schedule:I’m flipping my schedule around as hitting the gym after work is not going to work out for me. I went last evening and the place was filled to the brim with healthy twenty year olds.  So, I thought I’d try around six this morning at a time the “unable to sleep until noon crowd” would be there. Let me tell you what a morning rush this was. The only positive of my going to Golds Gym this morning was that the nice girl at the counter gave me the number of a personal trainer who will “walk me through” the equipment. It seems, to me, Golds Gym is for the experienced and admittedly, even with my workout book in hand, I am not one of them even. I was totally lost among all that steel and padding.

My writing is being flipped to the evening, this is a real change to me. But, during the day it seems I’m writing in my head all the time anyways, so I’ll simply come home and tap some alphabet onto virtual paper of what has already played out in my mind. I must say this: This computer thing is awesome, totally awesome. So glad I can type 70+ wpm, it allows all my thoughts to all hit the virtual page without skipping a beat. However, adjusting to writing in the evening? We’ll see how that goes!

Last night Steve and I watched Last Comic Standing until 10:00! Then I wrote until around midnight. Went to the Living room and turned off the television for a sleeping man and went to bed myself.

All in all my day was good. After work I managed to do the gym thing for a millisecond; got fake nails put on (looks more like paddles than my nails though) and got my hair cut. If I’m going to the gym in the mornings I needed not to bother with hair fuss afterwords. If getting nails sounds strange to you just think of me as a kid living in an older body. I might be 65 but inside I’m totally a babe! And a babe needs her nails. 

Last night Steve was being too nice and it’s was really pissing me off. Today I shall work hard on disliking him more than loving him.

I’ll keep you posted.


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