Another Day

Before I rush out the door I must hit the shower or the kind folks at work might be dismayed and forever after nose sensitive. Tunia (an English Bulldog who went for a visit to family) has returned and is comfy in the bed which will end in about two minutes when I root her out to do her duties and leave her while I go to work for the day. Today we are trying to give her free range of the place. Still I plan on shutting the bedroom door for this is where she will leave a present if she gets pissed. Today she might get pissed. So to avoid ‘the gift’ on the side of the bed Steve did sleep on I’ll shut the door. I can already tell as she looks at me with those down-turned eyes that she knows what is coming. I’ll leave and she’ll be put in the bathroom with that awful baby gate at the door. But, today Tunia is in for a wonderful surprise and I am happy she is! I hope she does well for I do believe if got left in a bathroom all day long my feelings would be so hurt. But, Tunia is forgiving with kisses and loves at the end of the day no matter what. I dearly love this dog.


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