Chapter One-Ten

I have begun “Not My Mother’s World” finishing the outline: Will I be excommunicated over this? Do I care? The story needs to be told and I can tell it . . . therefore, I should tell it. I will leave no questions unanswered nor any stones unturned! I will write it and I will surely be considered an outsider of my church for doing so. But, the thing is: I already can not take the Sacrament for my living arrangements so do I really care about a church that can do this to me? NO, I don’t. This story is important, it is real and it is happening right under the Bishops nose as I speak! I know this to be true as I could, myself, be a sister-wife, had I made that choice.

I am not a prude. If this works for some people so be it. It does not work for me. And, frankly it does not work for many women who through conversion in their experiences bought into this life. I will write it and I will go to hell and back to get it published.

Writing in the evening is hard to do because I want to go watch television with my friend. Waiting until I have done my work first is challenging for now but in time it will be less so. I am so excellent at being responsible you know. :) And, my writing, one keystroke at a time is wonderful therapy.

Steve and I like the Dodgers and the Rams. Is this revelation amazing or not? I swear we were likely split from the same egg! Too much alike not to notice! Totally weird on some levels and awesome on others. I even understand his need for ‘distance’ if that is weird I don’t know what is! Again, this evening he is being totally wonderful and nice. +_)*()(&% &$^# ()**_)+   ….    :) and I just can’t dislike him no matter how I try! He’s simply quite wonderful. Damn it! And so it goes…………………….


One thought on “Chapter One-Ten

  1. Oh, yesterdays over my shoulder
    So I can’t look back for too long
    There’s just too much to see waiting in front of me
    And I know that I just can’t go wrong

    one of my very favorites by jimmy buffett

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