Research, research, research: It’s all about doing my research today, and tomorrow, and the following days until I have enough information (time frame; customs, etc.) to put the first word down on paper. My story is my own but have I remembered everything? Was it September or later when that awful storm hit? When did they build that bridge anyway? Was Nancy as savvy as Mandy thought she was or was she simply a co-sister with blinders on? Questions that need to be answered………….the doldrums of research :)

Tunia is sleeping on the bed. She is loudly snoring. I think she could sleep all day long!

I am skipping my doctor’s appointment  for I have better things to do. I think my foot is on the mend and doing well enough.

I meet a personal trainer at the gym tomorrow morning. He will give me one free hour. I will pull all the information out of him I can of how to use the machines. I need to become trimmer and healthier. I remember being small and petite and cute……..what happened???? Well, nine pregnancies and, of course, the age card not to mention the depressive late night snaking did put the pounds on. Now I have the choice of taking care of myself so my kids never have too or jumping off the nearest cliff. As I don’t like heights I choose the gym.

I am again giving some thought to buying a scrub brush to do the floors with, especially the bathroom floor. If I do it will be my secret weapon. I know this practice is old school but it is the only one that I know of that actually cleans a floor and keeps it clean for days upon days. So, when I go out in about another hour or so I might buy a scrub brush, or not, depends on how much they are these days. A good one should not cost over five dollars!

I am beginning to read September Snow by Robert Balmannno. It is part one of a four-part series. I own the first two thus far.

I am wondering why it is so difficult for some men to understand the fundamentals of a give-and-take relationship and why it is so hard to buy into unconditional love. But then I grew up in an unconditional family so it seems normal and natural to me. Maybe I should have asked him to stand on his head and pivot for two minutes to shake out the cobwebs thereby opening up better reception receptacles. Can he internalize and understand what I am saying? Am I totally understanding what he is saying? Bargaining chips being moved around on a play board. Will the chips make a pretty picture or drop to the floor all scattered and messy? ???


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