And It’s Only 2:00 A.M.

Music is a wonderful thing. Reflective and personal. I love listening. I love watching someone perform, especially when the performance is on a 42 inch and I have to go no further than a comfy recliner in the Living room. I pour another glass of something I can put a slice of lime into like soda or water but lately it’s been a beer or a glass of wine. I limit the wine and the beer though. I switch back to water or coke zero to avoid being topsy-turvy. I love the taste of beer but not so much the wine, water is the best, actually with coke zero (flavored water) running a close second best. I really do not like the topsy-turvy tippyness (my made up word) one experiences with more than one glass of wine, and I always get a mild headache if I try a second glass. Music! I was talking about music, I digress, again!

The music coming from the Living room is of a personal and reflective interpersonal relationship being shared by my best friend and a 42 inch television screen. It’s now 3:00 A.M. and I am wide awake in the bedroom listening but not viewing. This does two things for me. It gives me some computer time to post here and it gives me good music to listen too. I do not go into the Living room. I do not interrupt my best friends moment(s) of ‘what-ever-they-are’ because sometimes my best friend just needs to be alone with his thoughts and feelings to ponder, relax, enjoy and ???? do whatever, I guess.

But, it is 3:00 A.M.


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