Explain This To Me?Please!

I’ve always matched to a different drummer. My understanding of others actions and words has always been literal and not speculative. I’m no mind-reader so if you want me to know something you must clearly tell me in English and make sure I know what the hell it is you are saying because, quite frankly Scarlet I might not get it! My mind is 100% active all the time. I never get a break from thoughts, although it would be nice to have a quiet moment where there were zero thoughts. I understand some people can have zero thoughts going through their brains but not me, I always have something being processed even if it is nothing of particular interest even to me. In other words, I’m weird, I’m not normal! I know this but few others do, hence, my dilemma. My boss is unclear when he tells me, or anyone else, what he wants you to do so I simply am not understanding what it is he wants! I think I do but then sometimes I don’t and this is creating problems for me. Problems I don’t like!

Question: How can I ask a procedural question so he will tell me exactly what he wants in clear understandable terms? I thought asking a straight forward question to get a straight forward answer would work but apparently not. The thing is: I need proper store procedures to follow and I am not getting them, not from him anyway. I need a clearly stated and an unchangeable mode to work with, instead it is a mode of trial and error to learn what I am to do on this job. The directions he gives are unclear so sometimes I get it right and sometimes I get it wrong. And sometimes I do exactly the same thing and get it right one day but wrong another day. And, when I ask for clarification he thinks I am arguing with him. It is frustrating. I get yelled at. Actually, I have been yelled at more times on this job than I have been yelled at in my entire life by anyone for any reason. Truth be told, I have never had a boss yell at me over anything. Although, once in my fifty plus working years, I had the pleasure of a face to face set down which resulted in my doing a better job and therefore keeping the job! In other words, I stepped up and wasn’t fired but that was years ago and I was on the learning curve of how to get and keep a job . . . anyway, this current  job is getting so frustrating that I want to quit but I’m no quitter, never have been so why start now. Repeat: I am no quitter, I can do this, I can succeed.

Then, maybe on Sunday or Monday, and this is a big if, . . . If Sue and one other nice woman come back into the store and actually take their dream machine home as they told me they would, he’ll stop yelling! At least for a few days, . . . maybe.

Of course, contacting a few law offices for this former Legal Eagle might not be such a bad idea after all.

I’ll keep you posted.


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