Friday Nights

Thursday evening is my Friday Night as I do not work on Friday or Saturday. I pull into the drive and feel my entire body relax. I’m glad to be home at last. Usually, there is a good conversation waiting for me on the other side of the door. Tonight is no exception. We talk about nothing and everything and the simple friendly banter relaxes me more. For two days I’ll have no clock watching, no deadlines and no schedules to keep. I can wake up at four or eight in the morning and start my day. The choice is mine alone. Freedom, relaxation and inner navel time. It is time for uninterrupted writing and drinking lots of water with lemon wedges, little coffee or tea and as much salad as I can cram down into a thankful tummy. Lately, I’ve hit the fast food too much and my tummy is not thanking me. In fact my tummy is in rebellion. The next two days will fix the tummy, the nerves and the mind. 

Quilting is on my mind: One quilt top to finish and all my girls will have a small baby doll quilt. Then I’ll pick up some water babies, wrap them up in the quilts and send them off to Lexi, Destiny, Abby and Hannah. Joseph is getting a big boy quilt but not a doll, he’ll get a dump truck. A rather noisy dump truck guaranteed to drive his mother bonkers. As long as a sparkle is in Joseph’s eyes when he plays with it I think all will be forgiven. I know what you are thinking but, not true ::: This is not a ‘get even’ toy although Joseph’s mother was rather loud and a total chatter-box when she was two and said the word “Why?” so many times I wanted to tape her mouth shut but I never did, I simply answered her with all the wisdom I could muster, one “Why” at a time.

Writing: Oh the joy of a singing keyboard and black type on a white background begins now and continues for two days of total bliss. Yea! Unless, words come slowly this is and then it is pure hell. Such is the world of a writer.



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