Dog Bounces

Steve has a sense of humor, or lack thereof, for this morning he flung Tunia on the bed and when she hit she bounced on my legs which startled me out of my slumber.I set up and claim “I’m up, I’m up”.  He smiles. I have to be at the gym in just under an hour and he knew it. Of course, a nice tap on the shoulder would have worked as well but hey, we’re talking Steve here and Steve flings dogs at me, apparently. So, I get up and head to the kitchen to get some fresh water with lemon. Steve is at the front door about to leave. We say our wishes for a good day and he heads out the door and I head back to the bedroom to get on the computer to rant on a blog no one reads. Tunia is now snoring like my mother. I’m sure the walls would come down if both mother and Tunia were sleeping in the same room. 

I am most likely going to weather my visits to the gym and Gary, my personal trainer, successfully. This week I am adding one day for treadmill walking. I’m taking it slowly as I want my foot to heal, after which, I think I’ll be hitting the gym much more than the three days a week. But, for now it is going to be three. Tuesday and Thursday mornings and sometime Saturday or perhaps Friday afternoon.

Time is clicking  . . . . click, click, click . . . . don’t want Steve’s efforts to get me going waisted so I’m off to the gym now and will post here again, another day when I have more to say, hopefully of unequal interest.


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