Random Thoughts

Random thoughts run through my mind as if they were the drip, drip, drip of a leaky faucet, slow and purposeful. I think how I can best finish a story, sum it up, wind it down. I think how I can begin one, dress my characters, style their hair even if I never put such information into a story, doing the profile of a character helps create who they are so I can better write them. For example: April, who never wears shoes in the summer and is quick to judge would use the word “Buggers!” often, while Maude, a shy and sensitive woman of thirty who is never shoeless and is never without a nice pair of earrings might never utter such a word. I think character building is one of my favorite things to do.  

I remember writing a story years ago about a girl in a red dress with a choker of pearls and matching earrings and getting it all wrong about her character (human nature) because the meek little shy girl I was writing about would never wear such a stunning dress, and surely never decorate herself with pearls so spectacular as the ones I took great efforts to describe. I had to re-write the entire piece of fail the class. I did not fail.

Today was a good day. I sold a sewing machine and one large sewing cabinet set and a lot of notions. Coming home was even better. I love the conversations at the end of the day. I’ll miss them but time moves forward and leaving will come sooner than I’d like. The truth is: I would stay forever if it were totally up to me.


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