1. KICKING BUTT: Or in this case my core which is sore from Tuesday already; plus my arms are so weak I had to use 3 pound weights; plus I can’t bend over all that well anyway . . . and so my Personal Trainer Extraordinaire Gary, has his work cut out for him. He did promise to whip me into shape, kick my butt into a youthful trim sixty year old so I am trusting that he does! Still, even though my body knows what to do but my mind is not quick to follow through with what Gary and my mind is telling it.

The Saga continues . . . . . .

2. DADDY & Me TRAINING: Maybe it was that I left in such a rush this morning for the gym or maybe sweet little Tunia is just being ugly but when I came home from the gym she had blessed the bed! One small spot on the coverlet…………..pissed? Not me but yes, I think Steve is going to be pissed. Should I tell? Or should I just sign them up for Daddy and Me Training?

Thoughts at the end of the day: I told about the spot on the coverlet. Right now Tunia is setting at my feet as I write. She likes setting at my feet when I am on the computer. She might be my muse! Steve was not all that pissed over the spot but the plan for the future is to make sure Tunia is put up before anyone leaves the house. She’s a dog, give her a bone, some toys and her doggie bed and she’s fine staying where ever she is put up. Still, I don’t like putting Tunia up! I wish she would coöperate!!

Thursday is my Friday as I do not work for the next two days. Tomorrow is busy, housework; dentist; marketing; writing and research. Saturday is a two hour class to get in my 24 hour credits for tax season. So, I’ll be back here in a couple to a few days ’cause I’m going to be busy.


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