Fridays are Wonderful

Most of you out in cyber land who may (or may not) be reading this unimportant blog are working in an office, restaurant or shop, or perhaps outside hammering something together while I’m lounging around until noon when I kick into gear and get down to the dirty business of housekeeping. Two loads of laundry is already processed so I haven’t been a total slouch but there are so many other things to do it will take a minimum of two hours to get it done which means I can’t spend much time here telling you what I am going to be doing for I must get to it, and now!

Dentist at two; then shopping for ‘something on my list’; then back in with a rented carpet shampoo machine and attack the Tunia spotted area rug in the Living-room because I can’t stand the thought of walking across the Tunia blessed said rug, if you know what I mean. I have floors and doors and walls and bed coverlet to finish. Folding, ironing and putting away the laundry. Lots, and frankly it feel good to get to it and get it done. I should finish just in time to make the dentist.


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