There Must Be Metaphors for Walking on a Treadmill

metaphor: a figure of speech in which one thing is used to designate something different, (all the world’s a stage) I am looking for a metaphoric equal of walking while standing in place; an abstract; not literal but well defining symbolic example well understood by you, my reader. What would that be? I wonder! I spent thirty minutes on the treadmill this morning walking with the wind from a built-in fan blowing in my face as if I was walking in the fresh air around Lake Michigan, which, of course was not the case. After all, dear reader,I was not actually going anywhere during this mornings walk. Doesn’t walking mean you are going somewhere? Whatever! I walked thirty and my body is saying Thank You. I am amazed at how much my body loves exercise. I should have done this a million years ago when I was young. I might have avoided all the bulges and sags, maybe.

We have a new scale in the house. It is programmed. I am #2. Tracking weight has never been my thing but I am tracking it now in a big way. Each morning I’ll step on this modern scale and it will not only tell me my weight but will tell me other important things like body fat and body water and will store this information in its memory! Just what I need. A record, a undisputable record I can’t lie about. No more fish stories just the honest truth, Madam.  Damn it!

This morning, I am replacing (as in not attending) a class on “Planing for a Comfortable Retirement”with a session of writing. I already know the subject matter and could teach the class so I’m not going to listen to a group of people expound about their knowledge that every other person in the class already knows. It is a waste of my valuable time. Thank you Mr. Leisy for teaching me so much about investments, retirement planning, life in the world of investments and finance. I’m set. I don’t need this class.

I have put a pot of coffee on and I am going to write until one of two things happen (1) Steve takes me to the movies or (2) I run out of words.


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