Apparently if you just begin to write it all comes together! Being totally stuck on where to begin I just began to write and wound up with three different segments (or beginnings) so after just mindless writing those thoughts poured out of this pea size brain of mine I thankfully now know how this book will begin. As it turns out it was so simple. Why was it sometimes so hard for me to figure it out?

I hope my best friend can put up with me. He doesn’t realize how difficult and lonely it can get living with a writer. And even though I try so hard not to do this I do shut everyone out when I get so deep into the exercise of writing, especially when it is going well and I want to spend all my waking hours doing what I love the most, to make a good read out of what is inside my head.

Time for bed! I hear him coming from the Living room. . .I’m shutting it down like a decent person would do but I’ll dream ‘story line’ or ‘character’s flaws’ or something else that I wouldn’t dare leave the bed to turn on the computer to enter what I just thought of. I do that too! But, maybe not now, maybe I shouldn’t do that now, that is as I want to be a good room-mate and a better best friend.


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