Eva Cassidy

Every time I listen to Eva Cassidy I can’t help but to be effected on some deep level.  The fact that ‘that beautiful voice’ was taken away at an early age (lost to breast cancer) makes the listening of her music all the more an inner reflection of what might have been, for her. There are others who have touched deep into my inner self and left me with deep sorrow or heightened joy. I realize how much music has changed or shaped me to some degree . Music is in and of itself a catalyst for all that I can be or have been. The list is long of the songs that have touched me . . . JT singing about his home state, the state I adopted many years ago and love to this day like no other place on earth because it is like no other place on earth; Nora Jones, Alison Krauss and so many others whose words have touched me and made me think, I am grateful. I am only effected by who I could have been or who I might become through words put to paper and then to a tune. I am grateful for the listening.


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