Sleeping Dogs

Asleep on the sofa cuddled under a blanket he lies with his dog nestled by his feet. For me a sight of cherished memories to behold. I smile and then I chuckle and then it comes, the deep felt welling up of fondness for a man who loves his dog more than he could ever hope to love a woman. Lisa said it, so he said and I believe it. 

I remember Lacy and how the bond was real and right with me. How if given a choice to make I would have chosen Lacy! I understand the fondness and the love of a man and his dog. Nothing compares. I understand and I accept with a greater affection than I’ve ever felt in all my years for a man who loves his dog this much. 

He said once that it was to be ‘an old man and his dog’ traveling through the ebbs and flows of time, sunsets and ocean’s waves, peaceful and calm as the still waters in a dormant pond to the rush of the sea waters hitting the coastline and all that lies in-between for he and his dog, Tunia. What lies ahead is unclear. We never know what will be until the second it is revealed to us. I wish for he and she a pleasant journey even if only in his dreams.


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