“Amazingly I survived the ordeal but things will never be the same”…. “I’ll never look at another sunset without thinking of you” …. two lines which are ingrained in my mind so I recognize them and don’t use them when I write. But, how do I know if I’m borrowing other lines? I’m not exactly an avid reader any longer. I use to be, I’d read the cereal box!for Pete’s Sake … but not now. I have trouble getting through a book in two settings, or three, or even seven and God forbid the book is over three hundred pages! Those I never seem to finish. I have so much to do lately reading seems to be left on the back burner. When I came to stay with my best friend, Steve, I brought one book. I now have a stack on the bedside table. None of which I have finished reading. I switch hit from one to another but over the last three months zero are completely read. If I would read more I might be aware that another writer has used ‘my line(s)’ before me and I’d know to tweak them. I would never want to be accused of plagiarism and the thought lies in the back of my mind when I am writing. I wonder if other writers suffer the same fate or fear? I wonder.

It is so hot here that the flies have flown north to cooler weather! It is a nice dry heat. I went out this afternoon for a short walk and have to admit I enjoyed the dry heat. It felt good on my joints. I was glad to be back inside the air-conditioned store though. Two sewing machines sold! The thing is: when I sat down this morning at the first sewing machine I asked “God, please let me sell two machines today” … I sold two. Weird? Amazing? Whatever your take on this isn’t it pretty awesome that I thought that and did sell two? I think so.


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