Joseph is Three!

It is amazing that my little Joseph is three years old today. My little red-headed grandson that I adore is three! I called him and he liked everything but I thought he said nothing….so funny. His mother cleared that up thankfully. I wish I could see him more often than I do. Living across country from all my grandchildren is not without some tugs on my heart, I can tell you that. I remember my grandparents so well but I only saw them once each year for only one week except for the two times I lived near them, once at the age of eight for four months and again when I was thirteen for nearly an entire school year and part of the following summer. The bottom line: I want my time with my grandkids! So, I’ll have to travel once or even twice each year to hug and kiss them for a few days. Maybe even have them out to see me each summer. That is if I stay in California. I am not sure what I will do over the next few months. I know I like it here and I like it there. As my grandmother Mary Frances use to say: I’ll just have to think some more on it.


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