Out of Work for a month!

I have a notice from the doctor which says “can return to work October 4, 2010”  This is more than a month away!  Will my job be there for me on October 4, 2010? I think the answer is a cautionary maybe to no way Jose! And there goes my best laid plans. And to add insult to injury Steve’s reaction to this news was not what I would have wished for. His reaction was telling me something I should pay close attention too! Didn’t tell me he was sorry to hear that had happened to me, no hug and saying it was alright and not to worry over it one bit, not even somewhere in-between the two. But he did say “that’s not in your game plan” which means???? Means what? Means that I came with a purpose in mind and this is a destroyer of that purpose, or at the least it is a definite delay to that purpose. Does he want me to leave? Does he want me to stay? I wish this man would make up his mind and stick to it. He’s like swiss cheese! All full of holes. Forge it up Steve and make yourself known, clearly which would be a great thing here. I will ignore his negativity and forge ahead . . . besides, I’ve pretty much decided what I want to do with all this.

While down with my beautiful black boot back on my broken left foot: I will write … in one month of this I will finish up two projects and get a good headway on the book I’m writing. When the writing gets too much for me which is usually after about six hours of straight efforts, I’ll hand quilt or read those books I’ve accumulated. I have three quilting projects and twice as many books! Time to get to doing the writing, reading and quilting.

A Plus: I can spend time with my cousins and my friends. Cousin Wanda could use a visit to make sure she is well taken care of. Wanda is recuperating from a stroke. Plus, Aunt Ruth & Aunt Nell here I come! Spending time with family is important to me.

Plus, my friend Sandy comes to mind and she doesn’t live all that far. Sandy and I worked together at State Farm after we’d graduated from high school so there is a double thing there: school & work.  A day with Sandy Harrison would be nice because I really like her. And, Jude and I can take that day trip sightseeing which might turn into lunch instead but that’s fine with me. I love spending time with Jude LaBarre, she’s a real person and I like real people. Jude is one of my best-t-st friends. We go way way back. I can finish up my dental work much easier as well. So, I’ll have the pearly whites sooner. And I can travel south and spend some time with Kathy and help her pick out dust ruffles or something. Kathy and I go way way back as well. I can finally write that letter to my ex-boyfriend that I need to write and not mail, or mail it, whatever Martha! 

I can cook and clean and play with my dog-friend Petunia. Tunia is a lot of fun to be around when it is only she and I. . .when Steve is here she is like glued to his lap but then he feeds her. All she gets from me is play time and making her mind me which she has down pat now. She is the greatest dog I’ve ever known, except for Lacy that is. And Zeke, he’s pretty awesome too. Zeke is my grand-dog but he lives three thousand miles away.

So, all in all I have lots to keep me busy. No sleeping in though because I am hitting the gym in the mornings, then back home to write. My job is writing! I am a writer and I have the rejection slips to prove it! Actually, I have published a few things so I guess I don’t totally stink as a writer. When my eyes won’t focus or my mind goes blank it will be Tunia time & reading time & quilting time in that order. I’ll be fine. Even if  my best laid plans got delayed somewhat.


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