Dash it all! Yeep! I rolled out of bed at three thirty this morning writing, researching. More researching than writing truth be told. Amazing how a good read can take a long weekend of enjoyment but a couple of years to produce. I wonder if any reader ever thinks of this. Does anyone ever think about the time involved in producing that book held in one hand while something cool to sip on is held in the other. I inversion myself on a tropical island under a shading umbrella sipping on something tall and mysterious that will put me out of my misery! Did you realize that I just spent two hours learning about an area of mountains that might make it into a few sentences along the way? Two hours! Now I know things about Petit Jean, Blue Ridge, Spring Lake, Magazine Mountain and an old bridge my father cautioned me never to drive over after 1958!

Steve is off to work. Wish I were….wait…I am! I am writing and it feels pretty darn good. Petunia (Tunia) is at my feet (as her daddy isn’t here) and she is ready for the writing to begin. She lays under the desk and rests her head on my feet which makes both of us warm and comfy. But, as Steve is up and out I think I’ll put on a pot of coffee . . . something I like to do when I write is have a fresh cup of coffee on the desk. It gets warmed about three times before completely finished but hey, I like the excuse for the break. Tunia just snorted at me . . . can’t be potty time, Steve just left! Awe, um, yep! Potty time!


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