Sunday & Monday

Holidays are not all that much fun if you are sitting at a computer pounding your fingers across a keyboard BUT all the same, holidays can be productive if you are sitting at a computer pounding your fingers across a keyboard. I have done thus and finally I can feel the lifting of that eerie beginning to a story I always encounter. I am on my way to writing the story now. It has flow. I know where I want to take it. I am hopeful ‘it’ will coöperate and let me take it there. On the other hand, it will most assuredly not coöperate as all stories usually do not! Stories are like mindful and stubborn children. Sometimes they are what you want and sometimes they are not. In this story I can hope for the best but I’ll probably get the worst.

Steve is seeing what living with a writer is all about at about 50% of what it is about. I’m trying to be considerate. Even at 50% I am not sure he likes it. This is the main reason I have always said a writer who is in any kind of relationship, marriage or otherwise needs to be in it with another writer. Absolutely no one else has the depth to understand. The silence, the withdrawal, the frumpy clothes left on, the unmade bed to the left dishes; everything is a challenge. Even though I try not to be a pimple on his ass I fear I shall become a festered one! My best friend may not totally understand the dynamics and morphing underway playing out under his roof. I wish him well. But, I have to write. This is not a choice.

I have become obsessed with two things: Writing & Weight Loss. God help me! I’m sure I’m no joy to be around.


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