You are welcome to check out a sub blog: alivejournal.wordpress.com which I am writing. Posting here does two (2) things: 1.  I may get some feedback prior to actual publication and 2. it establishes copyrights.  Not that every word will be posted here but nearly all will … you’ll need to buy the book! Got-Ya :0

Continuing to post to my personal blog will only be limited by the time I spend on the new book which will be cut/pasted to the sub blog.  But, nonetheless I will post all about what makes my life interesting or challenging or dull or what makes me screaming mad to giddily glad. 

I will give you three updates: First: I continue to hover around the 198-200 mark on the scale! Frustration turns to obsession. Second: My foot feels 100% better now that I am staying off of it 90% of the time. Third: I’m still pulling petals from Daisies. Frustration but no obsession. (if you are good at reading between the lines you’ll get #3) . . . end of update.


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