Darling Little Mattie

Little Destiny M. “Mattie” Hograve: Easter 2010
Darling Destiny, affectionately called ‘my little Mattie’ by her Grandma-Nana (me) is happily shoeless and talking to her eggs. She piled herself on top of a huge blue stuffed animal.  She put Elmo in the baby bouncy seat and told him to ‘keep quiet’ and began to fixate on her eggs. This darling little girl is the delight of my life. She is funny beyond belief but mean as a snake if you upset her. Don’t mess with Des!
She won’t hug you goodbye, ever! And she won’t hug you hello either. If she feels like it sometime during the day she might smile at you for a stand-still second otherwise she is never quiet or still. This darling of a child is light as a feather because she weighs nothing at all; she is tall and very slender with a beautiful face. My Little Mattie will be a real heart-throb someday.
When Mattie was born I missed it by seconds. The first time I held her was amazing. I have kept her enough to know her well. Four months ago I moved from the east coast to the west coast and I can tell you that living some three-thousand miles away from her is difficult to do. I miss her every day. I miss Mattie finding her way to my lap where she would stay for a long time as long as I did not hold her tight. I learned by trial and error not too or she would be down from my lap  in a split-second. Her father made her hug goodbye. I know he just wanted to teach her to value and show love to family but I could tell she didn’t like it.  Maybe she’ll change her no hugging rule before she turns three. I understand she hugs her new little sister Abby, so we can hope. I mention this hugging thing because we as a family are huggers from hell. You get it coming and you get it going at my house and it’s a real honest ‘I really like you’ meant from the heart hug too! Not one of those wishy-washy ones most give.  Over time my little Mattie should fall into place and pace with the rest of us huggers.

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