Equal Time: It all began with Kyle

My First Grandchild: Kyle

 When the call came I was feeding my youngest, a daughter Candace Michelle.  (actually, there is a funny story here: When I had our twins my two eldest girls were 13 and 15 and I told them “no marriages or families for them for ten years!” thus saving the family from looking like back-woods folks. But four years later I had another child, our youngest daughter Shell. As the story goes, at the age of 20 my daughter Lisa said: All Bets Off! and she gave birth to Kyle months later) So, when the call came the choice to pass the spoon to my youngest’s father was a no brainer. Oh, he objected but not because he didn’t want to feed Shell, he wanted to go to the hospital with me.  The first grandchild: A gift like none-other for a first-time Nana. I was in the delivery room with my daughter Lisa and I was the first to hold him. Wrapped up in a blanket the nurse laid Kyle Nicholas Robert into my arms and my heart sunk, tears welled up in my eyes and the biggest smile came over my face and I was instantly in love with this little guy. He was healthy, all five fingers and toes on each of his limbs were there, his color was a #10! Actually, the doctor gave him a rating of 10 on the scale. My daughter did a good job. She had brought forth a beautiful healthy baby boy.

Kyle is tall and slender like my grandpa Capps but he looks nothing like my grandpa, nothing at all. He is a person who is tender and kind to others. Simply put: Kyle is a good person. Now, don’t get me wrong he isn’t perfect, he can sleep until the cows come home and his room brings the words: Enter With Caution to my mind but he is an absolutely wonderful grandson. He makes it easy to be a grandma; the kid really makes me look good! 

No matter his age; no matter mine; I will adore this ‘little man’ until I take my last breath and beyond.


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