Washing Dishes

 Ms. Demetria & great-granddaughter Alexis Jo Hograve washing dishes together, so darling, I grabbed the camera and snapped this photograph. Lexi was/is my mother’s shadow. What great memories they are building. 

I recall my Mother-In-Law Avis Tedesco telling me she began washing dishes at the age of four. I thought about this as I watched my fifth grandchild Alexis Jo climb up onto the small stepping stool to reach the sink. She was not yet four and insisted she was going to wash her GrandGrand’s dishes! The kitchen is not a foreign room to Lexi. Even as an infant I put her into her bouncy seat and then put the bouncy seat on the counter top! I assure you it was far enough away and to the back of the counter totally out of harms way of stove or sink. I’ve done this with every baby I had and every grandchild left in my care. So, Lexi knows the kitchen very well. She saw stove top cooking, dish washing, roasting pans go in and out of the over from a very early age, say two months!

Lexi is not the exception to this dish washing or cooking room. All my grandchildren have joined in my efforts to bake a cake or stir a pot of chilli. But, Lexi is my favorite kitchen ‘joiner’ because she loves doing this so much. We have a non-stop gab-fest and the little thing really works and works hard. She can stir a pot (she’s now five) as well as the next gal (or guy; we don’t discriminate in my kitchen) and loves to help do anything that involves cooking or cleaning.

The picture above is of Lexi and my mother Ms. Dee on the day my mother made her peanut-brittle candy. I think it was wonderful of GrandGrand to let Lexi help wash that oversized pan that neither mother or I can lift all that well any longer. Trust me when I say that the pan didn’t come out of that sink when Lexi took hold of it! But, Lexi sure did clean the inside spotless.


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