Moderation Model:

I would like to have an honest conversation about diet & weight loss using a Moderation Model. Moderation rocks, gals and guys, it rocks!

I would look up the word: moderation but why bother when I know perfectly well what it means, as do you. Anyone does! Observing the Moderation Model may be a challenge for some of you folks but it is no longer a challenge for me. It has become easy, a way of life I don’t even think about any longer. Although not long ago this was not the case as I could set and eat an entire bag of potato chips in one sitting. Then true to form I would swear never again to do such a thing, until the next time. I always seemed to repeat this behavior and, even now, the reason is a complete mystery to me. Even upon reflection I still do not know why I would make myself sick with naps (snacks to the non-Carolina folks) one night and repeat it again the next night. I admit to you I spent a few years living without using a Moderation Model in diet and daily living. And, I paid dearly for this! My body swelled to a couple of pounds shy of 250 and I was labored to bend over and tie my tennis shoes. I will save you the description of how I had to put on my panties; I assure you it was not in the usual way of lifting one leg and then the other. So what happened? What changed me from an abuser to someone who today practices moderation without much effort?

All I can report to you is that one day I snapped. I can not tell you precisely what snapped inside me but I got mad, mad at myself and mad at everything around me. My ex-husband, my kids, my mother but mostly me. I think Oprah had something to do with it, or maybe it was Dr. Phil, whatever the reason I snapped. I went to the store (it was time for a new pair of jeans) and believe it or not I purposely bought a pair that was one size smaller. Then I began to walk. I parked the car at the furthest parking space and walked to the store(s), I walked up and back on my road that has a 50-mph speed limit each day. “Let them hit me, if they like, and get it over quickly because I’m killing myself slowly anyway” is what I said to myself but nobody took me up on it, they all seemed to scoot over just enough to blow my clothes but not me off the road. Today I am grateful, of course for I have a better life and I am well on my way to being the best I can be, body size that is. I’m already awesome! Always have been awesome but being so overweight and out of shape was not awesome. Sometimes we do things for all the wrong reasons. Sometimes we stop doing those same things for all the right reasons. It’s a choice. A choice! Life is full of them: Choices. It’s a choice. I choose to be less sad and to be more glad and I choose to pick up and read a good book instead of picking up that bag of chips. And if I do have chips (I’m picking on chips here but trust me chocolate chip cookies and ice cream were involved as well) I have a hand full with a meal and that is it! The bag goes up and I don’t touch it.

I forewarn you, this kind of change comes slowly so you must stay the course and keep the faith that change will happen for you. You might back-slide a few times. I did but when I did I started again, that same day, not the next day, or the next Monday, with the Moderation Model and I gave myself a big pat on the back for doing so. So you blow it over a Big-Mac attack or a large popcorn with extra salt & butter at the movie theater. Stop. Start. Give pat!

I think the most important thing is to not give yourself any more excuses. Just begin: One day at a time using moderation in all things until it is so natural you don’t even think about it. As for myself I replaced my several excuses: ‘people drive too fast on our road’ to ‘I need to stay close for mother, she’s not well enough for me to spend an hour at the gym’ with moderation. I walked for fifteen minutes. Fifteen is better than zero. Mother was so proud that I was doing this I eventually left her for an hour at a time. I was better for it and she was fine with it. Excuses? Get rid of them! And challenge yourself. Use the Model of Moderation for all its benefits. Stop telling yourself all the stupid reasons why you are not taking charge of your situation and begin today.

Moderation Model: Simply put it is doing an action to eliminate or lessen extremes in your behavior to ensure an end result back to that of normality. In the article above the Model of Moderation translates: A healthy weight vs. an unhealthy weight. Example: One hand-full of chips on your plate with a meal vs. eating the entire bag as a meal. You choose a different behavior to benefit you in the end.


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