Poem: “TIMELESS IMAGE” by M.L. WeHunt

When I look into the mirror
all that I can see
is my old reflection
looking back at me.

Yesteryear’s reflected youth
today that’s not the case,
for, in that same old mirror
is the image of my old face!

So, I add a little cream,
some pretty colors, pink hue,
in hopes that that same mirror
shows the bright face that I once knew.

But, alas, despite all my efforts
that simply is not the case,
for all I see in that darn mirror
is, of course, my same old face.

Direct result of little pleasures,
triumphs and despairs, which
left their marks in lines and sags,
to show a life lived there.
copyright 2006: reprint by authorization of author – contact information: mlwehunt@aol.com


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