On second thought: It may be a good thing no one is reading my draft for: Not Of My Mother’s World which I have piggy-backed to this blog. I am writing something dear to my heart and a family history, done in a less invasive format, “the names have been changed to protect the innocent” sort of writing project. Still, Sadie’s name was not changed (well, at least not the first name) and I’ll leave it like that. Sadie deserves to be front and foremost in this story. I love Sadie to the max! She was as awesome and as real as they come.  What I learned from Sadie can’t be measured.  If not for her I would never have considered being a sister-wife a good thing, not that I ever followed her example. I’m much to selfish for that! Sharing a husband? Please! Forbid the thought! Not me ! I want one I can destroy all by myself, thank you very much. Or, at least I think this is what I must have done being that my current status is that of the ex-wife. So, I must have destroyed something in his fiber.   Exactly what is questionable in my mind.

Now, I am in a different kind of relationship, if you even call it a relationship.  My best-friend, someone to whom I can lean on and talk too without fear of reprisal, although I don’t actually share all that much truth be told, is also someone I feel a great sense of commonality with.  A comfort zone, if you will, that feels both solid and shaky. I won’t get into it for it is too personal but I will say that I love the time spent and like the person very much.

As for the other blog I”m closing it up.  I would rather have my best-friend and a few others read the draft(s) and badger me about them first.  Then, to the publisher with fingers crossed.


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