My Farmer’s Market Rocks!

So, you think the Farmer’s Markets are a bit overpriced?  So did I until this afternoon when I discovered the fresh fruit in my local market was well over 2.00/lb. while yesterday at my local farmer’s market was 1.50-2.00/lb.  Granted the salad mix in the large rectangle tub Steve buys and that I now buy is actually less per ounce in the store but the same mix at the farmer’s market is fresh picked that morning and given that I toss out more than the savings when we don’t eat the large tub fast enough, the farmer’s market fresh organic spring mix winds up being more money wise. So, since most prices are less and the produce is fresher it is a safe bet each Sunday I’ll be walking downtown to the farmer’s market and loading up for the following week.  It will be like walking to the church of organic deliverance. 

Beside the costs and health benefits my local farmer’s market is where I’m always sure to find those long chinese green beans I love so much and melons I can never find in any store not to mention the heirloom tomatoes that are less acidic.  It’s a win-win for the farmers and for me so I’m sticking to a new weekly routine, a Sunday visit to downtown Mountain View, CA where I can mingle with other seekers of fresh fruits and vegetables, cheeses, flowers and treats and spend some time lazily meandering along, not rushed, breathing in and out, being rejuvenated.


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