“Diets are ‘for the birds'”

Ketogenic diets pie

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Diets are ‘for the birds’ (on a cold February day when snow is on the ground and little nibbles are no where in sight!) . . . this is my story and I’m sticking to it!  eg. I hate ‘diets’!  Or, more to the point I hate the diet I’ve been on.

Diets can be the pits.  Most especially when they only get you more trips to the toilet due to increased fiber intake.  I am disappointed and dismayed over this ridiculous diet I’ve been on which is too difficult on my body & too difficult to maintain.  The diet is well-rounded: As in mostly veggies, fruits, some meats, less bread.  It was suppose to ease me into a size I haven’t seen in thirty years!  Dash it! 

When I decided it would not be easy to drop some tonnage I read many books and articles.  I wanted to educate myself about diet, excercise and life styles of the trim & fit.  What I found was a mirage of information when strung together gave conflicting and unclear information.  Basically, I decided if I was to drop the weight, I was on my own.  So much for the diet information industry.  They suck too!

Years ago, after the breakup of my marriage to Teddy I went to a diet clinic to drop some weight.  I remembered the diet they put me on.  So I tried it again.  May I just say that my body went into a revolution against this.  I became too weak and ill (as in an ill attitude, not an illness) before the end of the first week.  After two weeks I shelved the diet (my Plan A) and searched to find a Plan B.

I began to record my daily intake; daily weight (charted back two-three days to show what foods had caused the problem) and learned what my body was willing to do to drop the weight.  It seemed sensible enough.  What I learned was that a healthy diet rich in vegetables, but well-rounded to include fruits, meats, grains worked best for me.  So, I came up with Plan B.  Remember, Plan A was a sure-fire way to drop the weight but left me a little weak after a few days.  Plan B was better but was tricky because it included larger portion sizes and more meat(s).  Both are ‘good for you’ eating.  Healthy.  Balanced. 

This morning when I stepped on that scale again and saw no change I nearly shouted!  So much for Plan B.

I think I need a magnum of good wine and a long straw and a beach umbrella!  Sun and surf.  Dry towels.  Sunglasses.  Big sunglasses.  Bigger towels!

On the other hand I could admit defeat (on Plan B), suck it up and try another two weeks of Plan A which was quite successful at dropping the weight.  I did not like Plan A all that much.  But, I have to ask myself:  “Self! What do you want?  A two-piece without a coverup or a one-piece with a coverup tent!” All you gals out there know what I’m talking about.  Yes, I’ll admit I want the cute two-piece and I want not to worry about grabbing a towel when I change pool side chairs.  And, yes, I want NOT to be a walrus looking lump on the floor at yoga class.  So, suck it up it is . . . let the challenge(s) begin!


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