Gardening With Lexi

Alexis (Lexi Bug) is older now, of course.  And her face is not shown for I am overly cautious about posting photographs of my grandchildren on the web!  Why wouldn’t I be?  In this snapshot she was not yet two but I already had her outside with me planting containers and flower beds around our house on Yank Road in North Carolina.  Lexi Bug (as we called her back then) loved lady bugs.  And she loved doing anything that involved digging in the dirt.  She loved digging up things so much that the next planting season I would replant the pansies twice, no thrice that were planted around our fountain.  A beautiful display of yellow and orange pansies despite her attempt to dig them up time and again!  She was so proud of her efforts that year.  Finally, her mother explained the difference between weeds and flowers and why she needed to leave the flowers alone.  A lesson waisted if you ask me.  Lexi continued to dig things up but she was so cute and proud of herself all I could do was laugh about it.  It was not until she turned four, however, that she learned ‘once the plants go in to leave them in’ was the thing to do.  She was totally responsible for the one pot filled with her favorite color pansies (purple) on our front porch when she was three.  She watered and weeded them every time she came over.  They filled the pot to overflowing under her care.  Amazing.  Lexi Bug was/is amazing.

When I moved out of our home on Yank Road the only thing I regretted about the move was missed gardening time with Lexi.   We’ll get back to it one day soon.  I’m sure of it.


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