Elton John & Leon Russell Rock!

So in walks my room-mate/best friend with the new Elton John and Leon Russell CD.  His birthday is this Sunday and I’d planned to pick up a copy today for him.  But hey, whatever. Norah Jones newest one should do for his birthday just fine.  He’ll like that one.  But, I digress.  This new CD “The Union” is some of the best work either have ever put out.  The reasons behind the making of it genuinely enhances the reasons to love it.  I read the literature provided inside the CD.  All about how Mr. John and Mr. Russell reconnected after years of silence between collaborators and friends to Mr. Russell’s steady improvement after his illness, how the music brought him back.  The history behind the making of this CD is impressive, to be sure, but it is the voices of Elton John and Leon Russell that make you want to shout: Good Lord this is good stuff!  Leon’s voice has always taken me to places in the heart no one else has ever touched, I swear it.  I’ve liked him ever since the Beach Boys.  But, few others know about Leon Russell.  I’d shine that man’s shoes for free!  I swear that too.  I just love that sultry voice of his.  It makes me want to shout! It makes me want to dance, jump up and down with childish joy and sing along. It sometimes makes me reflective and deeply held feelings steep up from within, a tear appears, deep breath taken, and I acknowledge the past that rushed forth to visit me again.  Either way Leon Russell touches me, deeply.  Too add Elton John’s voice along side, well . . . it is nearly too much to handle but this morning,  handle it I am while the voices of Elton John and Leon Russell fill every room in this house.  Buy this CD! Rip it off the shelves at record speed. Send it to the top of the charts in a day!

As a writer I love good and meaningful words strung together.  Each day I set at my desk and tell myself “you can’t leave until you have written 500 good words!”  I usually write more of which I am sure 500 or so are good!  So I was delighted with the lyrics on this new CD.  I do not think many people pay attention to the words, the gathering of thoughts into something meaningful and true.  An expression of an idea so pure an outsider understands completely what the author is saying.  From deep reflections to light-hearted banter I love good writing.  So, I’d like to acknowledge the words (lyrics) of Bernie Taupin.  He has a truly amazing gift of writing down what so many others think but can not say.


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