Week Cut Short

My week was to be solo …. solo! As in only me and Petunia the 10 month old Bull Dog.  She’s enough company for ten people.  Loves my legs and feet when I’m sitting at the computer which is rather nice, actually.  But, a text message cut short my solo week.  Steven is coming home early.  This is fine except for the fact that sometimes I require down/solo time just with me in the house and a few hours while he is away at work just doesn’t cut it.  When he takes off for a few days I really like it.  Maybe I’m not ready for a one on one 24/7 relationship (smiling over this) although I can’t think of any other person I know that I could stand to live with 24/7!  He stays out of my business unless he thinks I really need his … um, help … and when this happens, when he notices and give that help it is a combination of relief and objections on my part.  Oh well……….life is not perfect.  And, I sure am not perfect or at least this is what has been mentioned by my children in the past ;) “Really?  Mom not perfect?  I thought all mothers were.  I’ll have to do some research on this and get back to you on this notion of yours”, I would say.

So, the house that was to be cleaned over time is being done sooner as well.  The study time I need to do well on a mid-term is being intermixed with the cleaning.  I mean there isn’t much to clean.  Not really.  The floor and bathroom and some light dusting.  Still, it takes away from what I wanted to do which was simply play with Petunia, take walks, listen to music (well, I’m doing this actually as I clean), finish that book and begin the second installment in a four-part series and watch a few good movies.  I love this man to the depth of my being, he is my best friend, I’ve totally got his back!  And, I would rejoice if he found someone special to hang out with.  I know this sounds weird but I love him … and with that love comes the wishes for his happiness.  So if it’s not me then I hope it is with someone special and yes!I would want to be that persons friend as well.  I’ve never loved any person like this before and it feels so great to love so totally unconditionally.  Simply great!

But, it is not great he is coming home early!


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