Pumpkin Picking


The mastery of pumpkin picking is an art.  Every year I begin my search for just the right ones to decorate with. I like some of them to be slightly taller than others for my front porch groupings but all with a less rounded and a more flat bottom so they will sit up properly. Even so, I look for character not perfection in the pumpkins I pick out to carry home. I like all those knobby imperfections. I admit that sometimes I become overwhelmed with the large selection but I never leave empty-handed.

Visiting a pumpkin patch can be a great outing for the youngsters and in the enchanting season of autumn with all its magical charm there is nothing better to do than to head off to the nearest pumpkin patch for a few pumpkins and gourds to decorate with for the holidays.

Above my grandson Joseph is taking a rest after toting one fairly large pumpkin around making sure he kept this one for himself.  I bow to his efforts. Mighty little man of three you have my admiration.

Pumpkin patch picking is one of the most family friendly activities we do at the start of the official holiday season and one that is enjoyed by millions of other Americans as well.  It is not only the gathering of pumpkins to take home from a dusty field but all the other activities that make the day so special. This year my grandson Joseph enjoyed this tradition with his family in Ohio.  From the corn maze to the hay ride and climbing on tractors Joseph looked like he had a lot of fun.


This year Joseph and his parents went to Fulton Farms outside of Dayton, Ohio 

 Where he spent most of the day with his head inside things like groups of corn stalks, bails of hay and totem poles.


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