5 Diet Taboos

So here’s the thing about loosing weight: There are always diet taboos to be faithfully observed.  For starters the no white flours, no sugars, no fried foods and more green and orange foods than red meat.  I get it!  But the fifth diet taboo is hard for me to avoid.  The fifth taboo is ‘fast food‘ restaurants.  It is so difficult to pass by one and not stop in for a cheeseburger and/or a coke.  Making it more difficult is that they are so inexpensive to buy.  For under two dollars I can have a McDouble or a Jr. Whopper and a senior citizen coke.  Under $2.00!  Crying shame on me and on them! 

So here are my five taboos of dieting:

1.  Avoid white flour in any form.

2. Avoid white sugar, including the zero cal. sugars; your body actually processes them the same.  Which equals Weight Gain! Hello!

3.  Eat nothing fried! Nothing fried.  I repeat eat nothing fried.  Which means baked, broiled and steamed.  All can be more delicious and better for you anyway.  I know this.  But, because of my southern roots I like fried!  I am challenging myself on this one and enduring to the end.   I swear it.

4.  Skip the red meats and opt for more fish and less chicken as its replacement and build up that plate with green and orange/red veggies instead.

5.  No fried foods; no fast food; no-no no!

I am told that if I simply give up white flour, white sugar, fried foods and fast food I will drop my weight.  I am trying.


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