Pie Dough Recipe

I made a point of calling my 86-year-old mother to get her pie dough recipe which apparently I misplaced straight away for I can’t find it!  I have cleaned out both drawers – they needed to be cleaned out anyway – and found several PaulaDeen.com printed recipes, one for Savannah Strawberry Tall Cake (what ever that is, it must have looked good and I just had to have it??) and another of her mother’s recipe for Red Velvet Cake but where is my mothers pie dough recipe, I ask?  It might not be a big deal but it took my Mum huffing and puffing for several minutes to pull out the wooden recipe box, haul it to the table where she could sit down, pull out the hundred year old recipe and slowly, very slowly give it to me one ingredient at a time with instruction after each ingredient.  Call me what you like but I don’t want her (or me) to go through that again.  I have been known to ‘save things’ in the oddest of places so I will continue to look.  Surely it is right under my nose as most things I lose are. 

Well, the exercise of cleaning out my drawers was interesting.  I am amazed by how much ‘stuff’ I have collected from May 11, 2010 until now.  Perhaps it is more than should be there for someone in a temporary living arrangement.  But, I sware I needed all those books, CD’s, quilting material and supplies.  I’ll need to box these things up and send them home.  But, where to send them?  Not a clue.  I guess one could say I’ve lost more than a pie dough recipe.  I’ve lost a home to go home to.  Oh well.  That’s life!


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