I begin my trip back up north in just a few hours.  The time spent at the Zuckerman’s was relaxing and so much fun.  Thanksgiving: We all ate too much! Next day we went to storage and pulled out all the christmas decorations and began to fill the house with some of the cutest decorations I’ve ever seen.  The tree is up! And it is fully decorated too.  Kathy waists no time getting from one holiday to the next.  We had a blast doing the tree.

It’s sad but I don’t think I’ll ever be back at Kathy and Larry Zuckerman’s.  I live so far away, actually.  Clear across the country.  Age and distance may prevent another trip.  I have enjoyed my time with Kathy and my other friends on this side of the country but I long for my family, my grandchildren and my life back home.  I’ll miss the people I love on this side of the country though.  It’s a double-sided blade, this thing, these friendships I’ve kept for over fifty years.  But my place is far east of the Mississippi and my west coast friends are far west of the Mississippi (I’ve always loved typing the word Mississippi) so it shall be what it is and it is good that I go home now.

The one I’ll miss the most of course is Steven, my best-friend, my buddy, my heart.  Oh well. (sighing I gather my self up by my bootstraps and move on)  Life is not what you wish it to be sometimes and when it is not then swallow hard and move on!


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