Spell Check? Ya Right!

Tesco Sign Spelling Deserts

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Today I was the target of the monster-program commonly referred to as spell check which allowed the word not to pass for the word note.  This unintentional mishap was due to rushing my fingers across the keyboard — again — hurry hurry hurry to get things done when I actually have no excuse to rush any longer.   Remember I am an old lady of 65 (until January 11th at which time I will begin to turn the calendar back for the next thirty or so years at which time I shall die at the age of, say, 35!  At least this is my intended plot against the aging well!) Being an old gal I should have learned a few things by now.  One of them being how to slow down a little.  But, apparently I am hard-headed and I do not learn life’s lessons well!
The message I sent to my daughter was “from a blog I read . . . not her comment below picture (she’s way too funny but apparently stumped this time)” Of course I intended NOT to say NOT.
I noted for my readers in screaming BOLD the word not that passed for the word note … of course, Pamela knew what I meant but for the sake of argument, suppose this mistyped/but/spell checked word was part of a brief I had done (which was now on the desk of Judge DoLittleAsPossible) or an important letter to a creditor asking for extension(s) or approval(s) who look for any excuse to stamp rejected!  That word not for note could be taken literally in which case the case brief or creditor letter would be unclear to downright misleading! Thus, giving me a real fit and mess to deal with.  Instead of simply embarrassing myself to a daughter whom is to kind to mention it.
Solution:  There is no better solver to this situation than to proof read what you have written before sending it out.  It is nice that spell check saves you from misspelling words like restaurant and refrigerator to comprehensiveness and denominational which (in all cases) if slower fingers were at work would not be misspelled in the first place by transformations of letters in my rush to ‘get things done’ already!
Again, my commentary re: spell check is not so favorable although I will continue to use the program to catch letters my agile fingers transpose I will surely be reading what I type even if it is a simple email or twitter note.

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